sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter and sage

sweet potato gnocchi

This is going to be a very short (but sweet – ha!) post, because love, as many of you know, is a time vampire. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way. When I say “vampire” in this context, I mean the kind of vampire that keeps a diary or has an alluring accent or sneaks into your bedroom or protects you from rogue vans. You know, a hot vampire. The kind that makes it difficult to finish grant applications on time.

It must have been a cruel overlord who made Valentine’s Day on the 14th, because everything important is always due on the 15th: applications, bills, expense reports, registration paperwork, and probably some other stuff I forgot about because there’s not enough room in my brain anymore. Nonetheless, this is my first Valentine’s Day as a wife, so something’s going to have to give (probably that expense report) because failure is not an option. No, this Valentine’s Day needs to be amazing. JM gave me a wildly inappropriate (those are his words) card this morning and I returned the favor by handing him a stack of 100 pieces of paper that list all the ways that he’s awesome. We’re on a total roll, and we can’t give up now. Couples massage class at 7? Check. Homemade confectionery? Check. A lot of stuff I probably should have started on a little earlier so it all wouldn’t be down to the wire like it usually is? Check, check, check, and a few more checks.

This video recipe is dedicated to everyone who forgot to make a dinner reservation for tonight. It’s also dedicated to anyone who is willing to compensate by dedicating an hour or two to creating something extremely delicious. Because really, in the grand scheme of things, a hour isn’t that long – and your return on investment, romantically speaking, will be nothing short of wildly inappropriate.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi from James Mann on Vimeo.

*Note: We used soy flour for this recipe to make it gluten free. Any kind of flour will do (though all-purpose or semolina are probably the tastiest).


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