breakfast of champions

This morning’s menu was contributed by JM’s brother, who is also called JM. I know it sounds confusing from the outside, but trust me, it’s really easy to tell them apart. One of them lives pretty far north of here, and the other one lives in my house. One of them has big red hair, and the other one doesn’t. And one of them is by all accounts an amazing father and husband, while the other is an amazing plant-waterer and boyfriend. However, to make this distinction easier for the layperson, I will henceforth in this post refer to JM as JM the Younger, and JM’s brother as JM the Elder, as though they were 16th-century painters.

It turns out one important thing the JMs share is proficiency in the breakfast department. This is a meal that the M men take very seriously — and I also include Mr. M, father of the brothers JM, in this assessment. Mr. M was the original creator of baked eggs, which JM the Younger strategically employed to ensnare me when we first started seeing each other. And, as I have recently discovered, JM the Elder is also no novice when it comes to The Most Important Meal of the Day. By way of example, I offer the following menu:

Breakfast of Champions

Yogurt rocket pop (homemade)
Blueberry muffin
Boule loaf w/cream cheese
Hard-boiled egg

What I particularly like about this curated collection is that it covers all major breakfast food groups: sweet pastry, fruit, savory pastry, egg, and aerodynamic dairy product. So, props to JM the Elder for showing us how it’s done, and for reminding me that frozen treats made of yogurt are a sanctioned breakfast indulgence. I hope to thank him in person someday for this epiphany, particularly since it is now 1000 degrees Celsius in LA (5629 degrees Fahrenheit).


4 thoughts on “breakfast of champions

  1. Hey — help out with some low carb variations! I keep thinking about how much fun it would be to allow my gut to grow…and then I think about how many damn miles I have to run to compensate.

    The human body is depressingly efficient.

  2. haha, I love the yogurt pop in there! When you think about it, it’s got yogurt in it, and that’s totally a breakfast food.

  3. The idea of a homemade yogurt popsicle — preferably with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit or honey, or maybe a savory one with salt and mint — has got me salivating for a freezer capable of making anything larger than miniature ice cubes. Thanks a lot! 😉

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