raw pea salad with iberico

When I looked up the phrase “jealous mistress,” I found three quotes right off the bat:

1. Art is a jealous mistress (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
2. The law is a jealous mistress (Joseph Story)
3. World of Warcraft is a jealous mistress (Rax’s wife)

I had to specifically search for the phrase I wanted: time is a jealous mistress. And you know what? Another blogger, a guy named Greg Salvatore, wrote a poem with that title. This is his poem:

Time is a jealous mistress
That always gets its way,
Whether it be tomorrow,
Or whether it be today.
It doesn’t give without receiving,
And it receives far more than it gives,
Yet as it passes, wounds heal,
And Life continues to live.”

Okay, neato. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is what he wrote underneath the poem:

“In typing that to the computer, I actually found two verb tense mistakes, which I have corrected, and which, in fact, give the poem more punch. Since anything I send in will be accepted, however, should I be sending in my best poetry, or should I be sending in poetry that I may not be able to get published elsewhere (not that I’ve had any luck so far)?”

Ah, Greg! Don’t be so nervous. As one of the many people who has also rhymed “way” with “today,” I think I can assure you that you will crash and burn like the rest of us, regardless of verb tense. But perhaps our shared inability to get the ball in the end zone, publication-wise, has made your meditation on time all the more provocative. Time does receive more than it gives, huh? It’s like a selfish lover. And you know what rhymes with lover? Lens cover.

My point: I haven’t had any time to cook, let alone update. And you know what I do when I don’t have to time to cook? I go raw. And, luckily, “raw” rhymes with a ton of things: law, paw, saw, macaw, Dr. Claw. Oh man, I’m on a roll. Here goes:

The Ballad of Raw Pea Salad

You’ll need some raw peas
(Trader Joe’s has these),
a few pink peppercorns,
and a wedge of cheese.

Put the peas in a bowl,
and with utmost control
add a dollop of agave
and fresh mint leaves, left whole.

Now: pomegranate molasses, salt, mix!
Plate it nicely for pix:
top with shaved cheese and pepper
(my usual tricks).


4 thoughts on “raw pea salad with iberico

  1. It’s made from tart pomegranate juice, boiled down to a syrup. You can get it at any middle eastern grocery store, though lately I’ve also seen it in supermarkets and health food stores. And it’s so, so worth getting! I use it for almost everything, including pancake syrup.

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