sprouted barley salad with radishes and cantaloupe

I know that Fat Tuesday officially happened about a month ago, but I’m having an unofficial Fat Tuesday here at headquarters. Ever have those days when you want to punch your jeans in the face? Except they don’t have a face? And that makes you want to punch them even more? Anyway, when I feel this way, I do two things:

1. Eat a salad. A really good salad, too. That will make my brain think it always wants salads (instead of, say, a slice of pie and a glass of Pastis and an entire wedge of gouda and oh crap I guess I’m not going to yoga tonight).
2. Go for a walk. Preferably a long-ish one. That way I’ll work up an appetite, and then the wedge of gouda will seem justified, and yoga will seem unnecessary.

So wait, actually, I do three things:

3. Complain. Because complaining is an excellent way to lose weight.

Now that I’ve gotten Item #3 out of the way, let’s see about Item #1. Salad. Mmm, salad. I’ve had some barley sprouts going on the kitchen counter for a few days now, and they look crunchy enough to start a co-op and convert their van to biodiesel. What else do I have kicking around? Some radishes from the farmer’s market, a cantaloupe, some mint, some preserved lemons. Okay, here goes:

Fat Tuesday Salad

-half a small cantaloupe, cut into cubes
-1/2 or 2/3 cup barley sprouts (you can buy these at Whole Foods, or if you have a sprouter you can make them yourself)
-4 radishes, sliced into rounds
-a few mint leaves, sliced into ribbons
-1/4 of a preserved lemon (or the zest of a fresh lemon and a large pinch of salt)
-1-2 tbs lemon juice
-1 tsp olive oil
-freshly ground pepper

-Done all your chopping? Good. Mix everything together in a bowl.

I’m a really big fan of chopped salads because nothing really sinks to the bottom. Am I the only person who gets annoyed by that? I mix in my dressing, and suddenly everything but the baby spinach goes into hiding. It’s like, did I not just spend twenty minutes chopping vegetables and fruit? What’s the deal? Why are you hiding from me? I have an excellent short-term memory, I know what you look like, and I will find you.

All right, time for that walk.


4 thoughts on “sprouted barley salad with radishes and cantaloupe

  1. Your salad has great colors, crunch and texture. And I’m sure the flavors are delicious! I stopped by to visit, say hi and thanks for the add on FB. Please stop by and visit my blog. I write about relationships, Food and their stories. Maybe Follow, if you like.

  2. You have no idea just how familiar I am with Fat Tuesdays. (Thank you for giving me a name for them, haha!) And WHY is it always on a Tuesday!? Either way, this looks like the perfect Fat Tuesday salad.

  3. Thanks to all of you for the very kind comments. I did my best to eat nothing but sugary, fried carbohydrates today to ensure more Fat Tuesday-themed posts in the future.

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