lunchfast: seared tuna with cantaloupe

It’s springtime here in Southern California — which is, according to the logic of both the climate and culture of the place, basically a trailer for summertime.

IN A WORLD!…where the weather turns from cold and rainy to hot and sunny in a matter of hours!…ONE WOMAN! will make a beeline for Trader Joe’s to see if they are once again carrying the sushi-grade tuna steaks that they had in the fall!…”

If you want to get technical, searing a tuna steak at 8 in the morning and then gulping it down with coffee and a quarter of a cantaloupe at 8:15 doesn’t constitute lunchfast, per se: it’s more like a seafood breakfast. But here at secret menu headquarters, we play fast and loose with terminology because we are making it up as we go along. Since seared tuna is something that I like to have for lunch, cantaloupe is something I eat like it’s going out of style (JM can attest to this), and coffee is something I normally associate with breakfast (because I don’t want to admit that I consume it as continuously and with as much gusto as I do cantaloupe), I’m just splitting the difference. Also — and this is perhaps the most important criterion for lunchfast — it takes about 15 minutes to pull it all together.

Pan-seared Tuna

-Put a non-stick pan over high heat.
-Take your tuna steak out of the package, rinse it, and dry it off with paper towels.
-Put a dollop of olive oil in the pan and let it sizzle.
-Put the tuna steak in the pan. Wait 1-2 minutes, until it starts to brown.
-Flip the tuna steak over.
-Wait 1-2 minutes, until the other side is browned and the edges are no longer pink (it looks like it’s cooked through, but it’s not).
-Take it out of the pan and put it on a plate. Sprinkle a little salt and a whole lotta freshly ground pepper, and serve with fruit and excellent coffee.
-Be in a good mood all day, instead of a post-donut haze.


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