winter tacos

I debated whether or not I should be honest about how I feel about this recipe, but what the heck. This is, bar none, one of the weirdest things I’ve ever made — weirdly delicious, as it turns out, but weird nonetheless.

You know those times when you sit in the backseat of your own consciousness and catch a snooze, while some other force takes hold of the steering wheel and floors the gas pedal while your head lolls around and occasionally smacks the window? Sunday dinners are often like this for me. I take stock of what I’ve got (in this case, frozen seafood and a delectable pile of oven-roasted vegetables that my mother made), decide to commit myself to something above and beyond the call of duty (homemade tortillas), and then proceed to completely check out. Somehow, after about an hour of what must have been very hard work, I end up with something like this:

So in the spirit of honesty, I have decided to write the following recipe from the point of view of my dreaming backseat self, drooling out of the corner of my mouth and groaning from time to time while my subconscious (whose name is Valerie) turns up the radio and taps the address into Google maps, adjusts the rearview, grips the wheel, and zooms towards the setting Sunday sun.

Seafood Tacos with Winter Vegetables (AKA “Winter Tacos,” according to JM)

-mixed oven-roasted root vegetables (carrots, celeriac, parsnips, turnips)
-corn tortillas (homemade if possible!)
-3 cloves garlic
-dried chipotle pepper

Shrimp and scallops defrosting in the colander. Look gray and white like death. Gross. How not gross? Butter. Lots of butter, melting in the pan. Chopped garlic. Mmm. Butter garlic smell. Mmm. Add seafood and a shake of chipotle. Pink! Orange! Not dead anymore. Squeeze of lemon juice. Whoops, take pan off heat quickly. Put seafood in bowl and now have butter garlic seafood juice in pan. Gross. How not gross? Mayonnaise and more chipotle. Simmer. Bubbling. Smells good. Ready.

Bowl of roasted vegetables. Orange! Yellow! Darker yellow! Yum. Put veggies on tortillas. Put seafood on veggies. Put mayo sauce on seafood. Pretty. Mmm, yummy. Pretty yummy.


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