from leftovers to planovers

I just learned this word–planovers–while I was googling the phrase “when you make something just so there will be leftovers and actually the original thing you made is sort of a footnote to what you really plan on making the next day.” So thank you, internet search engine, for somehow comprehending my rambling anomia.

When I dry roasted this barley, I definitely wanted to make tea, but more than anything I wanted to keep the post-boil roasted barley and turn it into one of two things:

1. Rustic breakfast cereal with a splash of soy milk, topped with fresh fruit.
2. Something I combine with vegetables in the eleventh hour of hunger, completely forgetting to add garlic (an omission compensated for via cheese), and gulp down before I can really appreciate its flavor.

If you’ve even read one other post on this self-satisfied compendium of bad kitchen habits that I call a blog, you already know which option I chose.

Ever notice how it’s only in those moments when you actually plan on screwing it up, phoning it in, and shrugging it off that you relax enough to make something really good? I don’t know what happened here, but I do know that plans become meaningless when you have fully absorbed the golden rule of bad kitchen habits: cheese fixes everything. Just a few swipes of the grater and the barley tasted nuttier, the broccoli tasted broccolier, and the mushrooms tasted deeeeeelicious.

Stay tuned: tomorrow I will attempt hand-blendered soup (yes, I searched for the phrase “hand-blendered,” and Google refuses to admit that it exists).


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