leftovers, in glorious natural light

Behold, the leftovers:

When I was a kid, I hated leftovers. I think this might have started when my mom was on the Pritikin Diet, because the word “leftovers,” even now, conjures a plateful of mealy reheated beans and dry reheated brown rice. But since this is my third update in less than 24 hours, we all know what these particular leftovers were when they were not yet left over. Still, I have a feeling that just about any plastic container full of sautéed veggies would have worked in this recipe. And since I’ve already spent a few hours at the cafe today writing about the modular nature of typography, I might as well spend the next twenty minutes writing about the modularity of stir fry.

And On The Fifth Day (of February), I Created Stir Fry

-oil (I used coconut oil)
-protein (I used mock duck (AKA can o’ fake meat))
-starch (I used shirataki noodles)
-leftovers (sautéed onions, cabbage, and pear)
-sauce (splash of soy)
-seasoning (JM had ‘Baron’s Thai Curry with Peanut’)
-something fresh (I used chopped fresh mint and lime wedges)

Heat the oil in a pan. Fry the protein. Add the leftovers. When they smell awesome, add the starch. Then add some sauce and some seasoning. When the flavors have had a few minutes to get acquainted, put it all in a bowl and add something fresh. This should in theory create enough food for two people, but in practice it’s barely enough for one.


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