cookbook lunch

Okay, I’ve got to be honest. I didn’t make this:

But I could have. Just saying.

Actually, I literally could have. Cookbook on Echo Park Avenue is like a gallery that also sells art supplies: it’s tiny, but you can get fresh produce, eggs, olive oil, cheese, and a number of other well-selected ingredients which they have already pulled from to make the delish sandwiches and prepared foods behind the counter. It’s like they’re saying, “See what you can make with all this stuff? Come on, give it a shot!”

That said, a beet sandwich with pesto, cheese, and arugula on artisan bread is a freakin’ stroke of genius. I’m not really a white flour person, but as the bumper sticker says, I brake for baguettes. (Not even kidding. Do you see me laughing? A year and a half ago I spent my last $20 on a perforated baguette pan from Sur La Table, which I have only used once but do not regret purchasing in the least.)

Though I am normally opposed to using blog posts as thinly veiled advertisements for Yet More American Crap, I really do think that Cookbook is worth supporting. Any business who can make a work of art like that beet sandwich and sell all the things they used to make it (like they’re daring you to do it better) in a space the size of my bedroom is just crazy enough to get my last $20. This month, anyway.


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