afternoon decaf

Frenchie Presston: “Well hello there, sailor! What do you say the two of us get to know each other?”
Mugs McGee: “I’m not much for chit chat, sister. I’d rather get to know you under a blanket than over a martini.”
Frenchie: “I like a mug who knows what he wants. How’s about we get outta this joint?”
Mugs: “You said it. Meet me on the coffee table in five minutes and I’ll show you what’s what.”

(ten minutes later)

Mugs: “I hate to say it, Frenchie, but you and I just ain’t meant to be.”
Frenchie: “Oh, Mugs! Is it because I’m decaffeinated?”
Mugs: “You know it. Guys like me need someone who can pack a wallop. When I saw you in the kitchen, I thought to myself, ‘now, there’s a dame who can make a man feel strong.’ And what do I get instead? I’ll tell ya! I get duped by the color of a fine grind, and then two cups of a whole lotta show!”


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