paprika, eggs, and avocado on toast

I have recommended this meal to multiple people, but no one seems to love it as much as I do. It was first made for me several years ago by a friend, Mark, who among other things is a top-notch cook.

Fieldform Eggs on Toast

Fry eggs, sunny side up, in a little butter. If you want to be extra naughty, fry your bread the same way (instead of toasting it). Smoosh–this is the technical term–a quarter to a half of a ripe avocado on your toast, and put the egg on top. Sprinkle a little salt and as much paprika as you think you can take before noon. Try not to get yolk all over your face.


3 thoughts on “paprika, eggs, and avocado on toast

  1. How can people not love this? toast, good; avocado, good; egg, good. Whats not to like?
    Extra good additions, not as quick though. A slice of tomato, red onion, bacon, a bit of cheese and some lemon pepper. There’s a damn good breakfast sandwich.

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