berbere eggplant and kale

So in a day I’ve gone from zero pictures to one terrible picture of a half-eaten meal. I really need JM back here so he can made food look edible. In the meantime, I may stick to cooking things that reflect light. The cucumber fennel salad I made last night would fit the bill, but it’s long gone.

This dish was a typical oven-roasted number, mixed with chopped garlic, tons of pink salt, and the berbere spice mix from Spice Station.

Temperature: 350.
Time: About 45 minutes.
Result: Hotter than that guitar you bought from some guy on craigslist. Hotter than that girl from that movie with the CGI robots. Hotter than topical humor Arizona Gun Control Julian Assange Unemployment Tea Party. Hotter than the pavement under your feet before you ran through the sprinklers in the front yard. Hotter than a blue giant. And I only added, like, a teaspoon of berbere mix to an entire diced eggplant and a fistful of kale. But it was so right that I cried.


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